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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Journey to the West is a fanon series collaborated by several users. Taking place several decades after the conclusion of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, it chronicles the Turtle Squad's journey as they escort the last remaining Lion Turtle to safety at a western spiritual sanctuary. It is unusual in that it does not include an active Avatar. Debuted in Journey to the West are several organizations, including the White Lotus and the notorious Society of the Heaven and Earth.


The Five Nations have managed to prosper in the new world Avatar Korra created. After merging the spiritual and physical worlds by leaving the portals open, spirits and humans have since learned to coexist. Replicating the ancient world which Avatar Wan inhabited, humans have established their cities, villages, and settlements alongside the newly created Spirit Wilds. With the resurgence of the spirit realm came a boost in the proficiency and comprehension of bending.

The nations have also found peace among one another. Despite small-scale squabbles and the occasional battle for land, trade routes and different technological advancements have established a strong relationship between the different nations, stressing the importance of diplomacy. With the era of steam technology booming, the nations of the world strive to retain their sense of self and culture while exploring the idea of a united world. As such, interest in spiritualism has been revived, and numerous cults and religious sectors preach their own form of enlightenment.

Despite several decades having passed since Harmonic Convergence, the mysteries of the spirit wilds and other spiritual creatures have only begun to unravel. While promising peace on one hand, the leadership of different nations have launched countless expeditions to the Spirit World in hopes of discovering knowledge to strengthen their respective countries. Secretly, many hope to create a military force comprised of spiritual power and technological advancement comporable to that of Kuvira. This research has been further fueled due to the Earth Kingdom's recent manufactoring of supposedly forbidden cannons, prompting an arms race amongst the other nations to develop new weapons and energy-efficient technology in order to surpass their potential opponents.





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