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Darkness has returned.

Avatar: Storm Bringer is a fanon story based in the Avatar canon. Set a full Avatar cycle after the legendary Avatar Aang, the story takes place in the time period of the new airbender avatar around 400 AG.


Following the death of the previous Fire Avatar, the Avatar spirit has reincarnated once again, yet at a fraction of its original power. This is the handiwork of the chaos spirit Vaatu, who has broken free from Raava and returned to the world fully.

After his defeat at the hands of Avatar Korra centuries ago, Vaatu finally regained enough strength to break free from within his eternal nemesis. Besting the Avatar and claiming the Avatar's life, Raava managed to reincarnated into a young air nomad. Virtually unopposed, Vaatu was left to wreak havoc upon both worlds.

Avatar: Storm Bringer follows his rise to power, as Vaatu brings a "storm" that threatens the balance of both worlds. Becoming the Dark Avatar Spirit once more, he has spearheaded the rise of the Red Lotus, causing a upsurge of anarchy all over. Weaponizing powerful humans and spirits alike to his cause, it is up to the current protectors of the World to thwart the Dark Avatar and the Red Lotus' plans. With the Avatar young and weakened, they have to make sure there is a world to save once the Avatar regains full power.

Unlikely alliances must form, sacrifices must be made and beings must stand up to save the world from complete chaos and stop Vaatu's victory at all costs.

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