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Fire Nation emblem
Ài Luò Dăo
Physical information

Island west of Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation


Large island

  • Fire Nation territory
  • Former Earth Kingdom land
  • Headquarters of the Fire Nation Military's Earthbender Corps
Religious authority

Fire Sages


Fire Nation currency


Fire Nation

Iroh Island is an island off the northwestern coast of the Earth Kingdom The island was once part of the Earth Kingdom, however, it was part of the land taken and colonized by the Fire Nation during the Hundred Year War. After the war ended, peace was attempted by removing the Fire Nation colonies from the Eath Kingdom. For the younger colonies this worked, and the citizens returned to the Fire Nation. However, the older colonies, which had merged Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation cultures into one, from holidays and views, to families and people, proved to be full of conflict, and war nearly resumed. In an effort to maintain peace, Avatar Aang proposed the use of the island, which was close to the Fire Nation as well as the Earth Kingdom, to use as the place to send old colonies. It would allow the maintained mix of cultures for the people of the colonies while the Earth Kingdom received nearly all of its land back. It would be approved by Zuko and Kuei. All those loyal to the Fire Nation and its colonies were peacefully transported to the island, and those who were loyal to the Earth Kingdom received new homes in former colonies land before the Earth Kingdom resettled. The island was quickly built up, with many of the cities already being similar to those left, while some cities had their buildings carefully moved with a army of earthbenders. It would be named Iroh Island after the great Iroh the great Fire Nation citizen who went on to liberate Ba Sing Se. While hostilities still exist about the island, from colonists who still resent leaving their original homes to Earth Kingdom citizens who wish to retake the island, it has for the most part maintain peace. It is legally recognized as part of the Fire Nation, and serves as the home to the Fire Nation's Earthbender Corps, a division in the Fire Nation Military solely for earthbenders of Fire Nation who are loyal to the fire crown. The island is closely administered to ensure the equality of both Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom descendants by the Fire Lord and other officials.